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The plastic and manufacturing industry are highly articulated, hectic and fast-changing worlds. Players desperately need to keep up with the times!

The plastic supply chain is now characterized by a huge stratification, a high level of specialization and remarkable geographical fragmentation.
The overall knowledge of the industry as well as many business opportunities are limited by a lack of visibility and connection between the companies forming part of it.
In parallel, the increasing amount of technical information to deal with, the pressures for lead time reduction and the frenetic pace of the industry require smarter ways to approach our work.
Barriers, issues and inefficiencies characterizing the daily routine of every player in the supply chain are waiting for an answer!

  • Difficulties in finding the right supplier at the right time and place, the one who perfectly fits the product range and requirements we are asking for;
  • Difficulties to grow and expand the business for small and medium companies which are lacking in marketing and sales force;
  • Pressing need to look for specific assets that are available when it counts, like injection molding machines with desired specifications;
  • Lack of traceability and overview on the technical characteristics for your fleet of machines.

From this day forward, there’s a revolutionary tool allowing you to deal with them.
Let’s elevate the supply chain to another level with m-hub!

m-hub is a digital platform and the meeting place for the plastic manufacturing industry.
A community to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your business, worldwide.

Born from the needs experienced through the years by people working in this field, m-hub is a mobile application aiming to break down any barrier between players and within the single organization, facilitating the retrieval of business and technical information.

The m-hub goal is to provide a digital tool able to revolutionise the working life of any single professional figure in the supply chain

The m-hub platform intends to create the biggest network worldwide in the plastic industry and link the manufacturing chain, as well as to become the reference place for business and technical data management inherent to this field, both internally and between companies.


Innovative showcase of companies, technologies and services

Worldwide visibility for all companies

Advanced company search according to powerful filters

Digitalization of injection molding machines specifications

Detailed injection molding machines search, with technical and status filters


App available all over the world (Android, iOS, Chinese stores)

Languages and units of measurement automatically adjust according to user preferences

Advantages for you

For you, the customer

The m-hub B2B networking is a tremendous platform to find new partners and new suppliers, allowing you to go deeper with the specific business requirements you are interested in. You will be able to also utilize this network if you are looking to rent or purchase an injection molding machine.

For you, the supplier

The m-hub platform will provide you with worldwide visibility, allowing you to specify and customize your business strengths in terms of technologies and services. By detailing your specialities, you will be searchable all over the world.
In terms of technical abilities, if you work in the injection molding industry you will have the option to publish your fleet of machines and make it available for sale, tryouts or production.

For you, the user

The m-hub application will allow you to explore all segments of the plastic industry and supply chain, staying up to date with the global market trends and latest technologies. And if you are in the injection molding field, you can also showcase your machines and allow access to their specifications anytime, anywhere.
A new way to explore and be discovered in the industry!