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Registration is easy!
Add a few basic details, such as your email address, and register.
Then you will receive a registration email: we want you to confirm it to make sure it’s really you!
Finally, you will be able to login and start your journey in the m-hub community!

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Please check your mailbox and confirm your e-mail before attempting the login!


Detail your company information within the company tab: you will be able to specify your contact information, your address and your core technologies.
Afterwards, you will be able to invite your colleagues to the newly created company so that they can be part of the community!

Make sure to have your logo and a picture of your company on your smartphone to quickly add it to your company profile and to boost your visibility!

Search partners

Explore the m-hub community within the dashboard and start discovering new partners.
You can use the general search bar on the top or click “Search Companies” to use more advanced filters, such as location, core business, field of application and expertise.

Hint: use the shortcuts on the lower part of the dashboard to perform a quick search per Core Business and Field of Application.

Search machines

Start looking for specific injection molding machines by clicking “Search Injection Molding Machines” within the dashboard. You will be able to use powerful tools to filter the results: adjust the clamping force, the number of injection units or the injection pressure and discover all machines matching your needs!

You can also search for machines available for Sales, for Tryouts or for Production using the dedicated filter.

Manage your machines

Add your injection molding machines in the “Machine” tab to keep track of the technical specifications of the machine fleet in your plant.
We know you value these this data: therefore, once created, all machines will be available only for you in the “My IMM” tab.

In order to share the IMM you created with the members of your company, you can convert it to a “Company IMM” by selecting the dedicated toggle or creating it directly within the “Company IMM” tab.

Promote your machines

Start promoting your available IMM in the market!
In order to do that, you will need to make your IMM public: simply click on the “Public” toggle within the IMM you want to promote.
Then you will be able to detail if the machine is available for Sale, for Try-out or for Production.

If you don’t make your IMM public, other users will not be able to search it.